Jan 19, 2019

OUR VIEW: Strong legislative team give reason for hope

In Washington and Springfield, the region’s representatives are gaining respect and power

New leaders have been sworn into their offices in Washington and Springfield. For all but the most jaded and cynical, there is hope that a new governor and fresh legislative sessions can bring needed changes.

One reason for optimism in Springfield is the solid group of lawmakers there that will represent our area. All are Republicans, but party affiliation isn’t a big issue for us because we believe that bipartisanship is the key to fixing what ails Illinois.

State Sen. Neil Anderson and State Rep. Tony McCombie have worked well together and made a point of listening to the concerns of their constituents. McCombie put in a strong freshman year, proving to be a quick study with an independent streak.

Earlier this week, Anderson became the youngest state lawmaker appointed to serve on a caucus leadership team in more than a century. As assistant GOP leader, Anderson will give the district more clout on important issues.

State Rep. Tom Demmer is one of two deputy leaders named to the GOP team in the 101st General Assembly. This comes on the heels of his appointment to the deputy house minority leader post last summer.

State Sen. Brian Stewart was sworn in last week, officially taking the baton from the retired Tim Bivins. Stewart has put an emphasis on bipartisanship and his no-nonsense approach to fiscal matters should make him a steadying force in budgetary matters and the pursuit of business growth.

Meanwhile, U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger has solidified a leadership role in foreign policy issues. He has recently introduced legislation in support of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, a bill to impose sanctions on Iraq, and another in support of Georgian independence.

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