Jun 22, 2016

Smiddy: Rauner’s stopgap budget falls short (Prairie Advocate)

McCombie, his opponent in fall: We have serious problems in Illinois’

MOLINE – State Rep. Mike Smiddy, D-Hillsdale, stood with local service providers and educators Thursday to highlight where Gov. Bruce Rauner’s proposed stop-gap budget proposal falls short, namely through massive cuts to services for the frail elderly, disabled children and cancer screenings for women.

“I’m outraged the state has gone almost a full year without a state budget,” Smiddy said. “For nearly a year, the governor has held the state hostage – refusing to sign or even negotiate a state budget unless he gets his way on a sweeping special interest agenda entirely unrelated to the budget.

“Now the governor has introduced a proposal he says will fund important programs, but he kicks to the curb our most vulnerable residents by slashing critical programs and services, such as breast cancer screenings and care for veterans, so he can spend tax dollars on office supplies.”

Savanna Mayor Tony McCombie, who is opposing Smiddy in the race for the 71st District House seat in November, says that because Illinois has some of the highest taxes and unemployment rates in the Midwest, communities and schools are struggling and families and businesses are fleeing for better opportunities.

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