Mar 9, 2019

Representative McCombie’s Response to Pritzker’s Tax Proposal

“Sales taxes and property taxes are proven to be regressive compared to our income tax structure, so why are we not willing look at how we tax goods, services and our properties? The Governor should be looking at our overall tax burden (sales, income, use, property, etc.) and make changes that will bring growth and stability to Illinois,” Representative McCombie said in a statement to News 8.

“To put things into prospective… I will personally save $65 dollars on Pritzker’s tax plan, however due to the minimum wage increase at the same time, my business expenses will increase at least $5000 a year! Under Pritzker’s graduated plan the average household will pay $2,974 in income taxes, however with a flat tax in 2016, they would have paid $2,287, and in 2010  they would have paid $1,830. To call this a ‘tax decrease for 97 percent of Illinoisans’ is disingenuous to the people who continually are asked to give more and more, while receiving less in return,” she added.

Illinois governor visits Quad Cities, touts progressive tax plan