Jan 26, 2021

Session Update

The Illinois House of Representatives will be in session for one day in the month of February. “I don’t think it is necessary for us to be spending additional taxpayer dollars to go to the Bank of Springfield [Center],” said state Rep. Tony McCombie, R-Savanna. “Minimize the staff on the floor, don’t open the capitol……

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Jan 16, 2021

Rep. McCombie Supports Law Enforcement

During 2021 Lame Duck Session, Representative McCombie voted ‘no’ on HB 3653. This bill will increase mandates on law enforcement officers and agencies in every community in the state. Collaboration and compromise was not had when getting to the final form of the bill. Due to time constrictions of a new General Assembly being sworn……

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Jan 7, 2021

Violence at U.S. Capitol

Representative McCombie released the following statement after events at the nation’s capitol on Jan 6th. “I condemn acts of violence and those who coordinated today’s acts. Acts of violence in the name of a cause is horrible, disgraceful and unAmerican. This is not what we should allow ourselves to become.” Read more…

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Jan 3, 2021

McCombie on return to Springfield

Video Here…

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Nov 11, 2020

McCombie will return to Springfield…

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Oct 27, 2020

Endorsement and Support Recap!

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Oct 26, 2020

2020 Endorsements – Week 7

Quad City Times  Shaw Media Local New Network  Chicago Tribune …

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Oct 17, 2020

Letter: McCombie supports community

The last seven months have been extremely difficult for Illinois. Yet, as we move forward through this crisis, we have seen the resilience of community, especially our small towns and the local businesses that are the backbones of them. Without the right leadership, our communities could be easy to forget, but our state representative, Tony……

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