May 8, 2020

McCombie’s thoughts on Reopen Plan

The Governor has released his plan for Re-Opening Illinois. I have had time to dig in and unfortunately the plan will be difficult for many to follow. As we learn more and more about the virus, I find it hard to understand the concept to quarantine the healthy and/or the those least at risk.

Here are a few of the problems that I see in the plan for NWIL and for District 71:

1. Regionally… Using EMS Regions compared to counties.  The regions are too big. For example, New York has 10 regions and IL has only four. Smaller/Rural Counties will be treated the same as Rockford.

2. Transition – A minimum of 28 days between allowable changes in phases. Double any other state.

3. Unfairness – Small vs Large Retail shops – Today you can buy an item in a big box store, because they sell essentials like groceries, but you cannot buy that same product in your smaller shop which actually has less exposure of spreading the virus. Small businesses and the entrepreneurial spirit may never recover.

4. You want to camp with your family? No mention when campgrounds around the state will be open. At a minimum, you must wait until June regardless of the array of protocols that could easily be put in place to maintain safety.

5. Small Salons/Spas, One Chair, and Barbershops Owners… At a minimum, you must wait until June regardless of the array of safety protocols that could be put in place (No Income Since March 21st).

6. Local pub and Restaurant/Café Owner… At a minimum, you must wait until July to open with the formula provided (Once an owner… I know 90-day cash reserves are not realistic) (No Income Since March 21st)

7. Lack of full transparency – there are many aspects of the “data” and “science” that is being using to justify his decision making that is still unknown to the public.

8. Full Re-Opening will take 9-15 months, does this mean emergency declarations will be filed every 30 days to see the plan through?  Each virtually granting unlimited authority. (Pending Lawsuits in IL)

9. Oversight – There is NO oversight of these actions by the legislature. The Representatives and Senators you voted to be your voice in Il.  We all should held accountable and subject to oversight.

I call on the governor to call the legislature back into Session to build a plan for Illinois that is realistic and workable. No one wants the safety of Illinoisans to be compromised, but this plan compromises the safety of Illinoisans. Illinois can get back to business safely and in a truly regional, responsible and reasonable way.