Aug 1, 2018

McCombie praises bipartisan budget

State Rep. Tony McCombie, R-Savanna, did her best Monday to avoid getting political in a presentation to the Moline Rotary Club at Trinity Lutheran Church.

Speaking to about 100 Rotarians and guests, McCombie — a former mayor — shared insights from her first term as a state representative in Springfield.

“Government does not always have the answers,” she said. “I think less government is good. I really believe in local control.”

McCombie said Cook County should not be deciding what happens in the local legislative district.

“For them to be making laws for us does not always make sense,” she said. “Just as it does not make sense for me to be making laws for CPS (Chicago Public Schools).”

She said she supported the model for evidence-based funding for schools, but did not support the final bill because of last minute changes that hurt District 71.

“If every bill was in black and white, Illinois would be better off,” she said. “There’s always something in there, something that is really sugar-coated, and often times not to the betterment. So you really have to pay attention, especially when you get big bills.”

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