Jul 18, 2020

McCombie on Decades of Corruption in Illinois

State Representative Tony McCombie said it is “past time for corruption to end in Illinois,” in the wake of Democrat Speaker Michael Madigan being named in “position-only” as Public Official A in a deferred prosecution agreement for corporate bribery on Friday.

In the wake of ongoing federal investigations surrounding state and municipal governments that ultimately saw the resignation of several legislators, Rep. Tony McCombie led the charge to create an Ethics Reform Task Force last Fall to assess current laws, study best practices, and propose legislation to ensure Illinois has among the most stringent ethics laws in the nation.

McCombie filed House Joint Resolution 87, the resolution to create the State Ethics Task Force, in the leadup to the 2019 Fall Veto Session.  State Representative Maurice West signed on as Chief Co-Sponsor and the resolution garnered bipartisan support from throughout the State.

“This latest revelation takes absolutely no one in Illinois by surprise.  Unfortunately, it took too long for the end to begin because of the lack of transparency and failure of our weak ethics laws.  Decades of corruption is an embarrassment Illinoisans should not have to bear,” said State Representative Tony McCombie.