Oct 17, 2020

Letter: McCombie supports community

The last seven months have been extremely difficult for Illinois. Yet, as we move forward through this crisis, we have seen the resilience of community, especially our small towns and the local businesses that are the backbones of them.

Without the right leadership, our communities could be easy to forget, but our state representative, Tony McCombie, has provided the best outreach, support, and advocacy to move us forward, guide us through this time of doubt and confusion, and help to make our voices heard against the more urban areas. As a resident and alderperson representing Colona, I trust Tony and have seen firsthand the effort she goes to in order to represent balance and our family values. I have confidence she cannot be politically pressured and has made herself known as our advocate in Springfield. I can’t speak for everyone, but I feel fortunate knowing she has our back. Her genuine care for the countless small communities that make up our region doesn’t go unnoticed. I thank her for the hard work that she does on behalf of Colona and the state of Illinois. Because of leaders like Tony, I know that we will come out of this pandemic together, which is why she has my support.

Debara Shady-Dahl – Colona