Valuing Education

A successful economy requires a well-educated and well-rounded workforce. Tony supports fully funding our schools with the evidence based funding formula. Expanding and promoting vocational opportunities will ensure our children can continue their education after high school. As a member of the Elementary & Secondary Education; Curriculum & Policies committee Tony has kept her promise to educators to vote against unfunded mandates and support local control within our school districts.

The State Legislature has not followed the constitutional mandate of being the primary funder of education. It has short changed school districts forcing them to raise property taxes. This is bad public policy and a reason Illinois now has some of the highest property taxes in the nation. High property taxes are regressive, hurt middle class families, and hurt local businesses. Tony will hold the legislature accountable to provide adequate for all schools across the State to provide teachers the resources they need to educate our kids.

Tony will continue to dedicate my time fighting for our students and teachers so they are successful in the classroom. In 2017, she voted NO on the school funding reform bill (Senate Bill 1947), because it redistributed over $4.3 million from local school districts in Carroll, Henry, Rock Island, and Whiteside counties to the Chicago Public School (CPS) system. Tony will continue to fight for adequate State funding of education to provide a better future for our children.