Oct 19, 2018

McCombie Endorsed by Dispatch Argus

McCombie, the former mayor of Savanna, hit the ground running two years ago in Springfield, where she proved to be a quick study.

She regularly works across the aisle in a Democrat-dominated Statehouse, and has not hesitated to buck her own party leadership on issues that matter to her and to her constituents in the Illinois Quad-Cities region.

The pro-labor, pro-business Republican is as proud of her union endorsements as she is of having been named the Outstanding Freshman Representative by the Illinois Chamber of Commerce.

Worker support for McCombie is hardly surprising. For instance, despite intense pressure from GOP leaders, she opposed making this a right-to-work state because she believed it would be unfair to union workers. Her backing from the business community is equally unsurprising given her support of policies and efforts to grow our state and our region, and her work to help small businesses throughout Rock Island, Henry, Mercer, Whiteside and Carroll counties.

She’s also been a regular visitor to the metro Quad-Cities and area communities to hear constituent concerns and address them, including hosting “Coffee and Conversation” town hall meetings with state Sen. Neil Anderson, R-Andalusia. She says she tries to read almost every bill, and isn’t afraid to ask questions before voting.

“I don’t think there is anybody who can outwork me,” she told our editorial board.

But because of her experience, independence, energy, hard-charging style, and her successful efforts to serve the workers, individuals, and businesses that make up the 71st District, McCombie has earned our endorsement.

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